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“Leave Your Footprints in Concrete Stone and Let Your Legacy Live On…"



Developing a Champion Mind starts off as a seed being planted into a person’s mind. The seed comes from divine exposure and it resonates with the mind because it is captivated by the energy that one is exposed to. The nurturing of the seed takes place in the actions of getting educated and equipped with information and principles that must be applied through discipline efforts. It is a self-controlled mindset that seeks understanding to grow and fulfill one’s life purpose.



The Champion Mind produces a lifestyle and culture of success, emotional intelligence, peace, happiness, love, creativity, personal freedom, and a life of purpose. The lifestyle allows you to be aware of your gifts, talents, skills, and nurturing relationships that you have, so you may use them to acquire health and wealth. The lifestyle consist of being a service to the universe using your talents, creativity, information, knowledge, and wisdom. It’s a culture of being the greatest version of self.



Our mission is to motivate, empower, and inspire for the enhancement of individuals personal life, educational performance, and professional performance. We will coach the application of our signature “22 Champion Principles” through our motivational consulting services. We strive to create a cultured mindset and lifestyle of happiness, peace, love, personal freedom, and legacy to targeted audiences such as schools, businesses, sport organizations, and communities.


November 2017

Great message. Our players really embraced the energy, and the message. They come to practice yellin’ out Champs Up

- Coach Damion Porter (Fullerton College Football)/ Read More




The Champion Personal and Professional (P&P) Development Coaching workshop uses a motivational form of coaching through our signature “22 Champion Principles” to assist with the enhancement of performance for students, professionals, and athletes.


The "Klassroom" program brings a refreshingly cool form of motivation and mental innovation to the school environment. Through the coaching of the universal and our own set of "Champion Principles", students will understand that the developmental process of "self" is the ultimate purpose for creating a life of happiness and divine manifestations.



To even come to a place within ourselves where we realize the spiritual and energetic aspects of our existence is a journey of its own. The Champion Principles that we have developed can also assist with the process as well.