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Our Mission

Our mission is to be a hub for evolved consciousness: motivating, inspiring, and empowering the world for the enhancement of self, educational, & professional development.


We are THE self-development brand.

The meaning of the logo

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Reggie "Champ Regg" Foster II

CEO & Founder of Champs Up! | Author | Entrepreneur | Victory Coach | Thought Spoken Leader

Born and raised in Long Beach, CA Reggie “Champ Regg” Foster II had a dream of being in the NFL. Growing up he understood the importance of working hard for his dream.


The odds of fulfilling his dream pushed him to work harder doing whatever it took to bring it to fruition. After a few twists of fate Reggie found himself unable to fulfill his childhood dream and like many, became discouraged and frustrated. What he didn’t know was that an even bigger dream was in store for him. That dream is Champs Up!; a personal and professional development organization/movement that embodies the strength, intelligence, compassion, and commitment it takes to become a Champion.


Reggie has championed his way through life’s challenges, adversity, and low level-thinking. He is the epitome of the common man, a man that has discovered his truth and now lives to be a blueprint for others to follow.


Bigger than his dream of personal fame and notoriety. His dream

now is to educate the hearts and minds of individuals so they

realize their own greatness in it's purest form.

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"Champs up Go to work, champs up get money!"

The greatest work a human can do is to work on "self". This means waking up intentionally to work on “self" and the practice of being the best version of yourself everyday! These actions produce & create rewarding outcomes: Health, Wealth, & Great Relationships. 


The real money is the value of “self”. It creates our realities, and generates money. We exchange that money to meet our physiological needs and our desired life experiences.

the Vision

The vision is to impact the world through:

  • Organizing Community Initiatives

  • Sponsoring Community Events

  • Hosting Champs Up Rallies

  • Creating Scholarships

  • Universal Education

  • Brand Partnerships


"Set your footprints in concrete stone & let your legacy live on."
~ Champion Scripture ~

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