Who We Are...

A motivational consulting business that promotes and illustrates having a Champion Mind and a Champion lifestyle. We consult through speaking presentations/workshops. What makes us unique is that we bring a video production element to illustrate the 22 Champion Principles that will enhance one’s personal life, educational performance, and professional performance. These principles are universal, which make them current and relevant to people’s dreams, goals, and desires that they want to manifest.



Reggie Foster II (Founder)

Born and raised in Southern California, in the cities of Long Beach and Compton, Reggie  

“Champ Regg” Foster II stands as an athlete, innovator, creator, father, coach,

 friend, and the embodiment example of growth. Reggie is a self deemed “advocate for

 the human race.”

Champ Regg received his BA in Sociology from Graceland University after being released from his  

full football scholarship at the University of Colorado. Falling short of reaching his dream of

playing in the NFL, Reggie fell to being a victim to life’s challenges, adversity, struggles, and low

level thinking. Only through maturation, he soon shed a losing mentality to having a “Champion


Champ Regg is now exercising his gift to convey the 22 Champion Principles through

personal development coaching and creative personal development video productions. With him

now being focused on being an influence to humanity, he strives to make Champs Up global and





Keem Griffey (Creative Director)

Keem is a camera operator, visionary, and spiritual consultant. Using these 3 aspects, he creates and envisions content and ideas that he utilizes to make an impact on the people and beings around him. Nothing is more important to him than the elevation of consciousness in the United States.

Like Reggie, Keem also grew up in an environment that wasn’t so conducive to positive action, but simultaneously played a role in him becoming the optimistic being that he stands as today. Being born and raised in Baltimore, MD, though he did not attend college, Keem began to teach himself the ways of the camera. Through the camera he found a passion for art and expression which guided him into his spiritual journey. His journey into himself inspired him to take a leap of faith to move to Los Angeles, CA where he met Reggie.

Being influenced by his atmosphere and knowledge base, Keem began to speak publicly and record creative youtube videos of him pondering consciousness and the actions of humanity. While living in LA has been such a blessing, Keem has experienced many challenges, including homelessness, which has been the main source of motivation moving forward. He draws the proper drive from these obstacles to inspire those who are going through similar situations but don’t see a way out.

Keem is dedicated to the evolution of humanity. Using his voice and camera, he has already created a base of support that he continues to inspire daily. He also uses his leadership skills to advise and lead the media production team for Champs Up! Art is how we all experience the world. The more we admit a positive vibration surrounding it, the more beautiful the world will become.