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The purpose is to be an agent of influence to the world so individuals can become their greatest form of self.



Our mission is to motivate, empower, and inspire for the enhancement of individuals personal life, educational performance, and professional performance. We will coach the application of our signature “22 Champion Principles” through our motivational consulting services. We will also promote the champion message by delivering it through inspirational and motivational video productions. We strive to create a cultured mindset and lifestyle of happiness, peace, love, personal freedom, and legacy to targeted audiences such as schools, businesses, sport organizations, and communities.


The Champion Mind, Champion Lifestyle Brand

The Brand represents exhausting one’s positive energy in their efforts towards growth as human beings. It’s maximizing our human potential to manifest the life we desire. The brand represents personal growth, spiritual inclination, the mindset of the grind, and overcoming challenges we face in life. It’s being an example to the unknown person who’s watching you to prove that “It’s Possible.” The Brand represents leadership, being an illustration so the next generation can be model Champions in society. Champs Up!


22 Champion Principles

C- Commitment Consistent Confidence

H- Healthy      Hungry       Habits

A- Attitude    Attractive Ambition

M- Maximize Master Motivation

P- Passion     Purpose     Preparation

I- Influence Improve     Imagination

O- Opportunity Obsessed     Observation

N- Non-stop

Champ Regg & Champ Keem explain the makeup of the logo and what it means to them. Please visit to see more info regarding the movement! Subscribe To Our Channel! Follow/Like Us: Instagram: @Champs_Up Facebook: ChampsUp22