Book a free 30 minute consultation by clicking here. 

Book a free 30 minute consultation by clicking here. 

Personal & Professional Development/coaching

The Champion Personal and Professional (P&P) Development Coaching workshop uses a motivational form of coaching through our signature “22 Champion Principles” to assist with the enhancement of performance for students, professionals, and athletes. The workshop consists of training lessons using powerpoint presentations, video production illustrations, and self development worksheets.

The Champion principles stem from the word “Champion” (see below). This is a solution based program to empower, motivate, enhance one’s personal life and professional performance. The principles are inspired by the teachings from successful entrepreneurs, spiritual influencers, and motivational speakers such as, Dr. Eric Thomas, Les Brown, John C. Maxwell, Sadhguru and many others. Applying the principles to one’s life will lead to guaranteed success, greatness and the development of skills, character, talents, and creativity. This program will motivate and inspire individuals to create positive self-transformation through building character as Champions.

Education consulting

What is included in this service

athletic mindset development 

Developing the athletic mentality involves a structured routine of consistent physical activity that challenges the mind. It requires a high level of mental discipline to overcome the challenges of rigorous physical activity. This mental discipline is built from developing a foundation of being in a healthy environment that nurtures their athleticism both emotionally and physically. The athletic mind must be cultured to competing with one’s self. Being able to out-due themselves each rep they take, each shot they put up, and each sprint they run. It is a champion mentality of victory. The “Champion Principles” that we coach supports and nurtures the athletic mindset.

spiritual development

To even come to a place within ourselves where we realize the spiritual and energetic aspects of our existence is a journey of its own. The Champion Principles that we have developed can also assist with the process as well. Evolving and growing spiritually is a constant and consistent task. It takes devotion, dedication and focus to manifest in the material world and reach higher states of consciousness. Reaching these higher states emits a vibration from our being that begins to affect everyone around us. Everyone on this planet benefits from the progression of one individual and our principles lay a foundation for eternal happiness for all.