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Multi-tier Program

Discovering the power of self is a journey-like process. Schools & Organizations have the option to feature the program, workshops, or a workshop series  (with room for extension).

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universally-designed learning curriculum 

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Bringing a fresh approach to traditional SEL. Our curriculum puts the 22 Principles to Victory into practice through both, in-person victory coaching and digital course modules  & material.


Champion Culture

Culture is key to any personal and professional environment.  Our focus is to instill a Victory-Over-Defeat Mindset, and build a welcoming environment that encourages growth.

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Who We Work With:



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Hamilton High School

Audubon Middle School

Palms Middle School

Victory Program Stats

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Students Impacted

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Years of Service

Schools & Organ
izations Served

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The Benefit

  • Improved Academic Performance

  • Increased Attendance

  • Entreprenuership Coaching

  • Improved Behavior

  • Heightened Clarity

  • Greater engagement in the classroom

  • Internalization of principles 

  • A welcoming environment that fosters growth.

Academic Impact 

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of Students look forward to the program Every week

of Students would recommend this program to someone who's never experienced it

of Students feel this program improves their academic performance


(A.) "Our data suggests if coaches want to develop life skills and character in youth, it is important
to focus on player self-improvement more so than winning..."By teaching players to be responsible, communicate, lead and control their emotions, you will likely
improve their performance,"

(B.)“When improving students ‘self-esteem it has been my experience that specifically instituting cultural achievements/history into the syllabus gives students a sense of pride and confidence. When students of color (inclusive of Black, Latino, and Asian) see, hear, or read truths about their cultural contribution to the American tapestry, the student, almost instantly, displays a sense of pride and confidence.”

(C.) "The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between athlete development personnel resources and winning success at NCAA Division I membership institutions. The results indicated that athletic trainers, learning specialists, and sport psychologists significantly contributed to winning success. Other variables (academic advisors, doctors, nutritionists, mental health professionals, physical therapists, strength and conditioning coaches) did not produce significant findings in the present study. If athletic departments want to win, resources should be devoted to hiring effective athlete development personnel."


(A.) Michigan State University. "Focus on self-improvement, rather than winning, benefits young athletes." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 9 February 2012. <>.

(B.) Imani Akin & Leondra Radford,
University of Phoenix (2018)

Words of champions

"Before I started this program my grades werent the best. After joining my grades
shot up!"

Palms Middle School Student

We were all raised in a world that did everything but show us who we are. Because of this, it creates a pressing need for a program that does the opposite.
We exist. Champs Up!

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